Media Release: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Coral Expeditions Launches Small Islands of Japan & the Philippines Series

The four intrepid new expeditions added in 2023 will explore the rarely visited remote Southern Islands of Japan & the Philippines

Coral Expeditions, Australia’s pioneering cruise line, has announced a new series of voyages to the Small Islands of Japan and the Philippines. Part of Coral Expeditions’ Small Islands of the World series, these unique voyages will continue the theme of visits to remote islands that are of historical, biological or anthropological significance.

Coral Adventurer will cast off from Guam on the inaugural expedition of the series in September of 2023. These voyages will explore sites that lie in the wake of war, from Tinian and Torishima to Iwo Jima. Exploring the island chains of the Japanese Ryukyu, Ogasawara and Izu archipelagos, guests will connect with ancient coastal lifestyles at traditional fishing villages and experience local culture and nature.

‘This is the Japan that most visitors have not seen,’ says Commercial Director Jeff Gillies. ‘Very few local Japanese people have ventured into these hard-to-reach coastal communities of southern Japan, let alone western travellers. These islands are a mix of ancient traditions, unique landscapes and rare wildlife and an area we have long sought to explore.’

On the return leg, visit sites as diverse as Taroko Gorge National Park in Taiwan – the largest marble gorge in the world, the 19th century Cabo Engano lighthouse on Palaui Island and the site of Macarthur’s beach landing at Tacloban in the Philippines.

With an expert team of expedition leaders and guides and renowned warm Australian hospitality, there is no better way to experience these remote places than by small ship.

Voyage Information

Journey to Japan | 14 Nights | Guam to Tokyo | Departs 8 Sep 2023 | Coral Adventurer
Depart from Guam and venture to the Mariana Islands to uncover pivotal World War II history at Tinian and Iwo Jima. Explore the pristine marine environments of Rota, Pagan and Maug islands. As we continue to the Japanese Ogasawara and Izu archipelagos, be among the first visitors from abroad to explore remote Japanese islands including Chichijima, Hahajima and Mukujima. Be immersed in local culture by witnessing the traditional kashitate dance and hachijo taiko drum performance at Hachijojima. Explore Shimizu’s bustling seafood market and take to the hiking trail to enjoy rustic ropeways and unparalleled views of Mt. Fuji’s iconic silhouette.

Through the Heart of Japan | 14 Nights | Tokyo to Fukuoka | Departs 23 Sep 2023 | Coral Adventurer
Experience the dynamic landscape of Japan, from the vibrant cities of the mainland to quiet coastal island villages. Departing Tokyo, begin your journey by experiencing traditional Japanese culture at the township of remote Shimizu and walking the cobblestone staircase leading to the sacred kamikura shrine at Shingu. Continue to the ideal vantage point of Kobe port to explore the bustling streets of Osaka for an authentic food tour or spend time at Kyoto amongst the diverse cityscape of modern architecture and ancient temples. Visit Jeju Island in South Korea to view the extraordinary UNESCO listed Manjanggul lava tubes before discovering the little-known Goto Islands and concluding your journey in Fukuoka.

Though Japan’s Ryukyu Islands | 16 Nights | Fukuoka to Keelung | Departs 7 Oct 2023 | Coral Adventurer
Join the first expedition ship to discover Japan’s Ryukyu Islands on a journey rich with insights into the nature, culture and communities of these unexplored outposts. Set sail from Fukuoka to visit Nagasaki and venture deep into the remote Okinawan Islands to encounter lifestyles of those who make their living by the sea, including at the fishing village of the Suwanosejima. Learn of ancient mythical legends tied to Okinoerabujima and discover the pristine marine ecosystems of the Kerama Islands. Walk amongst towering cedars in the ancient woodland of Yakujima, kayak through the undeveloped forested scenery of Iriomote Island and look on in awe of the strombolian eruption of passing volcanic landscapes.

Island Trails of the Philippines | 16 Nights | Keelung to Manila | Departs 24 Oct 2023 | Coral Adventurer
Depart from Keelung to discover the small islands of the Philippines shaped by Spanish colonial heritage and World War II history. Share in traditional practices, witness ancient customs and be immersed in the natural environment of these secluded islands. On Taiwan’s east coast, wander the elevated boardwalks, suspension bridges and hiking trails that wind through Taroko Gorge National Park. Encounter Japanese trading heritage at Luzon and visit the historic Cabo Engano lighthouse on Palaui Island. Beachcomb on the Philippines’ famously idyllic beaches snorkel and dive on the vibrant Catanduanes and Cuatro Islas. As we approach Manila, browse handicraft stores and visit the heritage churches, houses and shrines of Marinduque.

More information including live availability and online booking ability can be found on Coral Expeditions’ website.



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Coral Expeditions, Australia’s pioneering cruise line, has built its reputation with a unique style of immersive expedition cruising focused on nature and culture. Starting with a single catamaran offering environmentally sensitive cruises on the Great Barrier Reef nearly four decades ago, the fleet now consists of 3 purpose-built blue water expedition ships – the intimate 72 guest Coral Discoverer and the 120 guest flagships Coral Adventurer and Coral Geographer. Each ship is designed specially to take guests to remote locations that large cruise ships simply cannot access. With shallow drafts, multiple Zodiacs and signature ‘Xplorer’ safari boats launched from a hydraulic platform, guests can expect daily village visits, river expeditions or beach landings. An expert Expedition Team providing interpretive commentary and the warm Australian hospitality onboard make for a very different cruise experience. Headquartered in Cairns, Australia, Coral Expeditions sails the outer Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley coast, Tasmania, Cape York and Arnhem Land, New Zealand and further afield to the Small Islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Coral Expeditions’ industry leading SailSAFE program forged a pathway back to successful operation since October 2020.