Zac Romaine

Assistant Purser

Zac began working with Coral Expeditions in early 2019 as a Cruise Attendant before moving into the role of Assistant Purser. ‘After my first voyage with the company I immediately saw a wonderful opportunity in the hospitality department that I wanted to further progress in my career. During my first 4 months of being employed, I had opportunity to work across all the company vessels which provided me with a thorough understanding across the company’s operations.’

In his current role, Zac is responsible for on board crew management and guest satisfaction through assisting the Purser with tasks encompassing the many intricacies of providing for all the wants and needs of guests on board. Since working with Coral Expeditions, Zac says he has been lucky enough to have completed sailing the entire circumnavigation of Australia and explored many islands of Indonesia, Timor, Singapore and Papua New Guinea.

‘Working onboard is a forever changing adventure, working on multiple vessels across our fleet exploring new destinations around the globe. As the company continues to grow, so does the crew onboard meaning the friendships across our ships are forever growing and expanding.’