Meet Our Guest Services Executive, Leissa Prouchandy

Leissa Prouchandy Bio

Leissa Prouchandy joined the Coral Expeditions team in September 2021 as Guest Services Executive. In this role, she is responsible for collecting and following up on all guest feedback. Given our high rates of repeat clientele, it is important for Coral Expeditions to listen carefully to our guests. Leissa’s passion for tracking the guest experience has been developed over many years working in leading hotel brands in Cairns and Brisbane. She looks forward to corresponding and speaking with many of you in the months to come!

‘My primary role is assisting to co-ordinate and manage guest experience feedback for Coral Expeditions and to work across the various operating departments to map continuous improvement based on what our guests tell us,’ says Leissa.

‘I receive and respond to guest feedback through surveys from our voyages and follow up on results and trends with our key management team, looking for opportunities from this to grow and improve expedition satisfaction. In addition to this role, I assist with the voyage-by-voyage delivery of our SailSAFE health protocols for both guests and crew and also work on our Xplorer Club loyalty program in respect to the delivery of onboard communication and benefits.’

Playing a vital role in how Coral Expeditions operates, Leissa collates and presents the information she receives from guests in a weekly operations meeting. From here feedback is used to shape the business, creating a strong method of quality improvement. A key project for the months ahead is to lead the change from written paper surveys to a digital survey for guests that help make feedback more immediate and more effective to manage and respond to.

Leissa in India

Leissa is a Cairns local, saying she wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. Despite her love for Far North Queensland, Leissa loves to travel, highlighting her time in India as a memorable trip by saying it was ‘something that changed the way I view the world around me.’

With two youngsters in tow, her travel adventures have slowed down these days, but she aims to set out and see the places in Australia she has yet to explore in the near future. She earmarks Coral Expeditions’ Kimberley and Tasmanian voyages as ones she would most love to experience.




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