Dr Terry Done

Terry Done has been a regular Guest Lecturer with the company since 2004, doing several cruises per year on Kimberley and Tasmanian coasts. Terry is a long-time resident of Townsville, where he was a Research Scientist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and where his two children were born. He is a keen photographer, videographer and movie producer, and a member of a community choir in Townsville.

Terry is most often found sharing his wisdom on our Kimberley and Tasmania voyages. His presentations range from marine science and how coastal landscapes were formed, to breathtaking danger-plagued voyages of coastal explores and mysterious Gwion Gwion paintings Bradshaw art. He is also an eager fly-fisherman. Terry has travelled widely in Australia and overseas, but still rates the Kimberley coast, with its wildness and its ancient land forms as his favourite of all destinations.

When and how did you first become associated with Coral Expeditions?

I chartered the original Coral Princess (converted ‘Fairmile’ submarine chaser) for two five-day charters to the reefs off Townsville in 1988 when I took international coral reef scientists on diving field trips to AIMS study reefs before and after the 1988 International Coral Reef Symposium. I was a scientist working at AIMS studying the biological variability of reefs across the GBR. I retired in 2007 but am still an AIMS Associate.

Later, Tony Briggs invited me to accompany a GBR tour out of Cairns on a fairly new Coral Expeditions I, introducing guests from the Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of Natural History to the Reef.

What has been the highlight of your association with Coral Expeditions?

I have done more than 50 Kimberley cruises with CE since 1998, and I still rate this as my favourite destination.  I feel lucky to be present when people’s jaws are dropping and their eyes light-up as they first experience Kimberley’s magic.  It is a great pleasure to share stories about the regions fascinating natural and coastal exploration history for the guests.

Another among my top highlights is an early morning cruise up the King George River, when those cliffs glow a brilliant orange.

Can you share some insights into the people you have worked with at Coral Expeditions – any friendships or strong relationships formed? Any anecdotes you’d like to share ?

It’s hard to single out anyone.  All the crews are extremely competent and friendly.

What about the guest experiences you’ve witnessed?

It’s always a thrill when a guest tells me ‘that was the best day yet’, especially after our time on Montgomery Reef.

Which is the favourite destination that Coral Expeditions has taken you to? What made it special? Can you share a memorable moment?

Sunset drinks on Edeline Island with my brother Chris, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our father’s birth.

Any significant or personal Coral Expeditions milestones you’d like to share?

I was a bit apprehensive about the arrival or Coral Adventurer because of its larger size and need for two Xplorer’s.  But I love the beautiful ship and am very impressed with the systems in place to make the operation work so well.

Terry Done with Coral Expeditions