Steve Winderlich

Steve has over 30 years experience in natural and cultural resource management having worked in both marine and terrestrial protected areas. His passion for culture and the environment began in the Siassi Islands of Papua New Guinea –  his childhood home – which led him to a career in National Parks across Australia. In particular Steve has worked in the World Heritage areas of Kakadu, Uluru-Kata Tjuta & K’gari (Fraser Island and its surrounding waters) in conjunction with the indigenous traditional owners. He has also managed significant Dugong Protection Areas, marine turtle nesting areas, Humpback whale sanctuaries, coral reef zones, and Ramsar areas critical for migratory shorebirds.

Steve’s academic qualifications include a Master of Philosophy focussing on the role of volunteers, Bachelor of Science with Honours in Zoology, and qualifications in Aboriginal studies, Project Management, and Training and Assessment.

Steve is currently a partner with Anne O’Dea in Windydea Professional Services and Consultants specialising in environmental, cultural and workforce matters. Windydea have been engaged in a variety of Research, Citizen Science and Environmental Education projects with Conservation Volunteers across Australia and with the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program in Papua New Guinea. These include developing conservation based education programs for village kids in PNG, and threatened species projects from the Matchie’s Tree Kangaroos in PNG, marine turtles in West Australia, rewilding the Little Desert in Victoria, to the “Save the Tasmanian Devil” program in Tasmania.

Steve has been a Guest Lecturer with Coral Expeditions since 2016 and enjoys helping guests learn more about and enjoy the culture and environment of their destinations.