Linda Hoffman

For over thirty years American-born Linda Hoffman has trekked and sailed through Indonesia’s most remote regions and waters as a freelance travel writer, tour leader and guest lecturer.

Having begun her Asian experiences with a move to Singapore in 1986, three short years later she relocated to Indonesia, where she has remained happily ensconced ever since. Her long career began in the early 1990s as a Guest Lecturer for P&O Spice Island Cruises, which sailed throughout Indonesia’s small eastern islands. There, she developed a passion for sailing and off-the-beaten path adventures. With her appetite whetted, she broadened her journeys and became a tour leader and lecturer on trips to the jungles of both peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo, Brunei, the remote villages of northern Thailand and the countryside and cities of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, where she is welcomed for her easygoing style and genuine interest in people. Other expeditions led to China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Linda’s credits include authoring a large format pictorial book for Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo as well as three travel guides on Indonesia, and she has been a contributing update editor for 13 other guide books. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines throughout Southeast Asia, and her photographs have been featured in books on topics ranging from traditional textiles to endangered wildlife.  Linda lives in a bungalow on the outskirts of Yogyakarta in Central Java, where she continues to share with visitors her passion for Indonesia’s myriad cultures, creatures, handicrafts and distant villages.