Goyma Gondarra

Goyma is member of the Golumala Clan from Yolngu people of NE Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Golumala people had a close association with the Makassan trepangers from Sulawesi for many hundreds of years before European colonisation of Australia. Goyma’s education pathway began in Arnhem Land at Shepherdson College, Galiwinku & Raymangirr School on Arnhem Bay. He later moved to Darwin to begin secondary & enhance his use of English in order to translate his culture in future to the outside world. Most of his secondary education took place in Fiji where he was absorbed into a separate culture, with many parallels to the Yolngu culture.

Goyma is conversant in a variety of Arnhem Land languages as well as Fijian. Today he continues a long association with the Australian Army through the Regional Force Surveillance Unit of northern Australia. In the future he hopes to promote the traditional cultural values of the Yolngu people while continuing to research the ancient trade connection between the people of Indonesia & northern Australia.