Mirinda Chapman

General Purpose Hand Trainee

Mirinda Chapman

Mirinda has been working with Coral Expeditions for three years, first as a Cruise Attendant, and currently in the role of General Purpose Hand Trainee. A day in her shoes includes the tasks of maintaining the vessel and driving our tenders by day and being part of the watch keeping team as lookout by night. Miri

nda says, ‘Learning to drive our Explorers and Zodiacs through the Kimberley [and] up King George River in the early hours of the mornings are moments I will never forget.’

‘I have really enjoyed all the beautiful and unexpected places this job has taken me, exploring the Kimberley, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Singapore and all over Australia in the last few years. It has been so much fun living and learning with such a great view outside my window.’

In her time away from work, Mirinda enjoys the simple pleasures, spending time with family and friends, enjoying good food and relaxing. Spending much of her time at sea, she shares that her first trip with Coral Expeditions was through Vietnam for Coral Adventurer’s shake down voyage.

With plenty of experience working on the water, Mirinda says, ‘There is a certain uniqueness to our clientele. They care about us, and we care about them. Over the years I’ve sailed with many of our guests more than once. We have shared in many adventures, birthdays, Christmas’ and New Years together. I look forward to many more adventures to be shared.’