Steve Cox

Steve has been guiding guests with Coral Expeditions for 11 years taking guests to all of the amazing destinations offered by the company, and before that guiding travellers through Asia, Europe and the Americas.

He has a strong affinity with the Kimberley region where he has over a decade of experience and knowledge, other favourite destinations are Papua New Guinea with its fascinating anthropological history and World War 2 history, Indonesia is a country Steve has a long history with, having acquired over 15 years of knowledge throughout its archipelago’s.

With a passion for wildlife and human history Steve enjoys taking guests to new destinations or taking guests into the villages and communities which he has known for many years and introducing guests to the people who make up those communities.

As keen photographer who has been snapping photos for over decade in all of our destinations and presenter of history throughout all of our destinations, Steve is looking forward to visiting more of our new places and new adventures.