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The Original Kimberley
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Kimberley vistas from your private balcony

$15,000 Per Person for Explorer Deck Balcony Staterooms

Expedition cruise the remote Kimberley coast

Explore Australia’s Kimberley on an unforgettable small ship adventure with the experts. Learn from our knowledgeable expedition team who share their passion for this land. Our ships and Xplorer tenders are built for the Kimberley region. For 30 years, we have been refining this classic Australian adventure.


Exploring The Kimberley with Coral Expeditions

When we conducted the first exploratory cruise in the Kimberley thirty years ago, tourism there was unknown. Our pioneering crew had to rely on fishing lore to navigate uncharted local waters. But we fell in love with that vast expanse, carved by the powerful forces of nature – wind, rain and tidal flows. Since then, we have built our operations around the Kimberley. Our expedition crew are local experts who have been studying and exploring the region for decades. Today, we are proud to operate three Australian expedition ships in the Kimberley from March to September each year. Every voyage is different, with new discoveries and experiences.

See the original Kimberley with the pioneers.

Coral Expeditions Ships In The Kimberley

Our three Australian-flagged expedition ships are designed for the Kimberley region, featuring wraparound decks, private balconies, and outdoor dining to enjoy the balmy air and glorious Kimberley sunsets. Open-sided Xplorer tender boats allow you to take in the magnificent cliffs and thundering waterfalls up-close while sheltered from the harsh Kimberley sun.

Our Xplorer Tenders

Posts from our Kimberley voyages

Have you ever wondered what a Kimberley shower looks like?
Stand beneath a towering waterfall, surrounded by stunning cliffs and allow the fresh Kimberley water to envelop your body.
It's an experience that cleanses, invigorates, and leaves you in awe of the untouched wilderness of the Kimberley.
#cruise #expedition #TheKimberleyCruise #TheKimberley #KingCascades
We were sent an amazing review from guests aboard the Coral Geographer for the Kimberley Cruise. Thank you for sharing your experience with the team and we hope to see you onboard again soon!
Join our Kimberley webinar this Thursday at 2:30pm (AEST QLD) with special guest lecturer Sandy Scott to learn about the natural wonders of the region and the thrilling adventures awaiting aboard our Kimberley Cruise.
🦎Register to join online:
Are you ready for whale season in the Kimberley?
This July whales are making a big splash! Aboard our Kimberley Cruise be delighted by an encounter with a pod of whales. They playfully greet the crew by waving, gracefully leap out of the water, and swim alongside the ships, offering a heartfelt greeting to all. Join our Kimberley Cruise this whale season for the chance to have up-close encounters with Australian wildlife and create unforgettable memories on a timeless adventure.
#TheKimberley #TheKimberleyCruise #WATheDreamState #SeeAustralia #wonderoutyonder
Plan your Kimberley adventure and join special guest lecturer Quentin Chester for our upcoming webinar on The Kimberley Cruise this Monday at 10:30am (AEST QLD). Learn about all the natural wonders that the Kimberley has to offer from the magnificent King George River and its towering twin falls to diverse marine life and cascading waters at Montgomery Reef.
#expedition #cruise #TheKimberley #TheKimberleyCruise #SeeAustralia #wonderoutyonder #WATheDreamState #HorizontalFalls #TalbotBay #KingGeorgeFalls
Read about the unforgettable experience of a delighted guest aboard the Coral Adventurer who recently embarked on our Kimberley Cruise!
"We chose this cruise because of the itinerary and the fact we were travelling on a small ship that could give us the best experience in The Kimberley. This trip exceeded all of our expectations. It is difficult to put into words all the amazing sights we saw, the experiences we had and the history we learnt." - Cruise Critic Review
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"Today we embarked on an adventure-filled day that left us feeling enriched and inspired. Splitting into groups, we set out to explore the island's magnificent art and ceremonial sites. The natural beauty of the island was truly breathtaking but our experience wasn't just limited to admiring the scenery. We also had in-depth conversations about conservation and we left with a greater appreciation for the need to protect our natural world. We later explored Montalivet Island and delved into the island's fascinating World War II history. Throughout our journey, we were surrounded by the lush flora and fauna that make Bigge Island such a unique and special place. It was truly a day to remember, filled with adventure, learning, and unforgettable experiences that will stay with us forever."
- Alistair Kent 09.05.23
Explore The Kimberley with our special offer:
#CoralExpedition #cruise #expedition #BiggeIsland #MontalivetIsland #TheKimberley #TheKimberleyCruise #WATheDreamState #wonderoutyonder #SeeAustralia #nature
The Kimberley is full of surprises - including unexpected showers! Our guests loved feeling the rush of the King George Falls on their Kimberley voyage and can't wait for their next adventure. 
Join the Kimberley voyage with our special offers today:
Photo Captured by Alistair Kent
#cruise #expedition #TheKimberleyCruise #thekimberley #WAtheDreamState #wonderoutyonder
Unforgettable sunsets await on our Kimberley cruise. Take a look at this stunning shot captured at Dingo Beach of a calm sunset after an eventful day. Join us for an unforgettable adventure and experience the beauty of Australia's Kimberley region for yourself.
#TheKimberley #TheKimberleyCruise #cruise #expedition #CoralExpedition #DingoBeach
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28th June 2023
“We woke this morning at Winyalkin Island, to the sight of a planned burn on the hillside which formed a thin streak of glowing orange.”
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Solar Eclipse Recap

4th May 2023
A lucky cohort of 113 guests recently had the opportunity to witness the 2023 Solar Eclipse from the remote region of “Sandy Islet” at Scott Reef offshore of the Kimberley.
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