Western River Cove, Kangaroo Island

Journey ashore where the Western River estuary brings you to Albo’s Bridge extending across the river granting access for visitors to Western River Cove – a secluded oasis featuring incredible views of cliffs, valleys and crescent beaches.

200 meters wide, the north facing cove’s primary beach is the perfect spot for a relaxing swim or a peek through crystal clear waters in search of colourful marine life snorkelling. Boasting the best of both worlds, the secondary boulder beach is framed by rock platforms and houses bedrock reefs.

Opt for a scenic walk along the narrow track that runs alongside the river towards lofty sugar gums and groves of grass trees (also known as ‘yaccas’) upstream. Enjoy the rustic quality of the unspoiled nature and the wildlife it nurtures, including vibrant birdlife such as Crimson Rosellas.

Learn About Our Voyages Visiting Western River Cove

“After a hearty breakfast the shore party landed on the bay’s beautiful crescent beach… At our high point the views across the valley and down past the homestead to the bay – were stunning. The Coral Adventurer at anchor seem dwarfed by the landscape and the muscular terrain that flanks both sides of the river… Back on the beach a few of the party took to the waters for a dip before our Xplorer run back to the Coral Adventurer.”

– Guest Lecturers Quentin Chester and Dale Arnott, 13 Feb 2021

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