Master Reef Guides

Master Reef Guides are recognised as the world’s leading reef guides, interpreters and storytellers sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area through engaging, entertaining and educational experiences that exceed visitor expectations.

Our Floating Classroom

Our ship was a “floating classroom” for the 4th cohort of Master Reef Guides in March 2020 as they joined us for an expedition on the Great Barrier Reef. They relived history by walking in the steps of the past at Lizard Island, and dived into the crystal clear waters of the Ribbon Reefs.

“We are thrilled to be a partner in the Great Barrier Reef Master Guides program and greatly enjoyed hosting the recent school amongst our passionate peers aboard our vessel Coral Expeditions 1. The Great Barrier Reef is a complex and evolving natural wonder of the world. As an expedition cruise specialist, we travel the oceans of the world and can attest to the fact that this is both the healthiest and best-managed reef system anywhere across the globe. World-leading interpretation has always underpinned the quality of reef visitation experiences here in Queensland, and the chance to be involved with such an array of experts and to develop the emerging storytellers from our marine tourism sector is a natural fit for Coral Expeditions. We look forward to continuing this association well into the future.” – Jeff Gillies, Coral Expeditions Commercial Director.

“What an experience! Last week onboard Coral Expeditions training with Master Reef Guides. I don’t think I’ve ever learnt so much in 1 week”. – Master Reef Guide Johnny Gaskell.

Master Reef Guides

Two members,  Marysia Pawlikowska and Daniela Matheus-Holland who were nominated and have completed their Master Reef Guide training share their insights on the course:

Marysia Pawlikowska

“I was one of the lucky ones to be accepted into the third cohort to train as a Master Reef Guide course that was held on tropical Fitzroy Island. Going into the training program, I must admit that I was oblivious in what I was getting myself into. I knew that over the coming days I would learn new things and be shown an innovative insight into the Great Barrier Reef that I love, and know so well. What I wasn’t expecting from the course was that I was privileged to be a  part of something bigger than myself. Over the three days my mind was taught to think differently as I had the most interesting and knowledgeable professionals at my fingertips. I got to share this experience with like-minded people who I know are passionate, caring and knowledgeable. I honestly couldn’t think of any better ambassadors for the Great Barrier Reef. And lastly, I had the privilege to get to know the special people who fight hard for the future of the Great Barrier Reef. After spending time with the staff of the GBRMPA, I have seen their passion and complete dedication to the protection and future outcome of the reef, and it could not be in better hands.

It’s easy to become complacent with the health of the Great Barrier Reef as all the media coverage tends to be on the negative side. I have worked on the Great Barrier Reef for the last 8 years, and I can guarantee you that the reef is not dead. I can promise you that the idyllic outer reefs we visit on Coral Expeditions are still thriving with life. Every day at work I feel special to be involved in creating magical experiences for guests when they visit, experiences that they will never forget. Would I still be working on the Great Barrier Reef if it didn’t take my breath away?”

Daniela Matheus-Holland

“It was such an honour to be a part of the Master Reef Guides 4th cohort last week. What a privilege to be on Lizard Island with top scientists, traditional owners and reef professionals allowing me to discover new things about the reef, its islands and all the amazing marine life in the Great Barrier Reef”


Photographer PhlipVids captured these shots during the Master Reef Guides training school onboard Coral Expeditions.