Silica Beach, The Kimberley

Step ashore onto the pure white silica sand at aptly named Silica Beach. This land’s traditional owners are the Mayala people, and the Indigenous name of Silica Beach is Ngalangalangarr.

Take in the pristine and pure waters that lap the the sparkling white sand beach. Take a barefooted stroll along the flawless sand, surrounded by towering rock formations.

Rock Figs ficus platypoda and rock-dwelling Eucalypts like eucalyptus brachyandra thrive in this wild landscape, as well as birdlife including Striated Pardelotes and Double-barred Finches.

Learn About Our Voyages Visiting Silica Beach

“After lunch, we set off for Silica Beach where we were greeted by some Derby locals playing music and swimming. While there, we took guests to see the Pardalote nests while Seb took an adventurous group rock walking. Soon after, we headed back to Whirlpool Pass to look at a White Belly Sea Eagle Nest with a parent and juvenile flying above.”

Guest Lecturer David Keech aboard Coral Adventurer, September 2019

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