Why Explore New Guinea & Spice Islands with Coral Expeditions

The small ship sanctuary

Closer: Our small ships with shallow drafts & our Xplorer tenders get guests to remote shores & down narrow rivers that large ships are restricted from visiting.

Personalised: Unlike large cruise liners with thousands of passengers, we take a max 120 guests. Our attentive Australian crew connect with guests on a personal level.

Only Way: We visit isolated communities surrounded by dense impenetrable flora, & tiny island tribes such as the Trobriands that are almost impossible to reach by means other than small ship.

Hassle Free: Guests unpack once & are escorted directly to each destination with no need to think about where to go next. Return to the ship for relaxation & a good night’s sleep.

Authentic tribal encounters

10 Years Experience: For over a decade we have been cruising PNG forming lasting bonds with communities we visit.

Local Hospitality: Guests enjoy celebratory welcomes, engaging tribal singsings and offerings of local fruits.

Cultural Knowledge: Our expert guides lead the way as guests learn about tradition, culture, history and nature.

Security: Accompanied by cultural ambassadors who liaise with villages ensuring our voyages are anticipated celebrations. Over time, a positive legacy has been nurtured and we relish the festivity that occurs when we reunite each year.

Community Support: We regularly bring gifts of medical supplies, learning resources, sporting equipment & tools.

A journey of knowledge

Expert Leadership: Armed with an adventurous spirit & curious nature, expert guides & specialist expedition leaders ensure every element of the journey unfolds with due care.

Highly Educated: Meet expedition Leader Mark Steadman, equipped with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Zoology), a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (High School Science), a thirst for adventure and extensive travel experience.

Local Guides: Local guides provide valuable insights as we learn about tradition, culture, history and nature.

Passionate: Our crew are passionate about what they do. Mark Steadmen’s passion is animals (especially the not-so-cuddly).

Surrounded by nature

All inclusive adventurous daily excursions to immerse guests in nature.

Birds: Spot rare birdlife such as Bird Of Paradise, Emerald Doves, Eclectus Parrots & White Bellied Sea Eagles.

Coral: Snorkel & dive in top locations such as throughout the Raja Ampat archipelago which is part of Coral Triangle.

Rivers: Ancient river systems such as the Sepik River that reach deep into the heart of the jungle.

Mountains & Volcanoes: Majestic mountain ranges & striking formations such as the active volcano at Kadovar Island.

Whale Sharks: The chance to swim with unique mammals and abundant marine life including the leviathans of the sea, Whale Sharks in Cenderawasih Bay.


Captured On Our Papua New Guinea & Spice Island Expeditions

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