Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park

Known for its impressive natural beauty, Lincoln National Park hosts towering eucalypt and she-oak forests housing plenty of birdlife. Keep an eye out for rare species nesting in the beautiful Australian native trees including the rare western whipbird and the bush store-curlew.

Connect with nature while strolling through dense greenery and pristine sandy beaches in the secluded sanctuary of Memory Cove. The area has a limited entry of 15 vehicles per day in order to preserve the unique wilderness qualities of the land including rare flora and fauna.

Memory Cove carries historical significance in the story of Matthew Flinders’ mapping of Australia. The name holds a tragic backstory, commemorative of eight of Flinders’ crew whose lives were lost due to the capsizing of their boat. Amongst the beauty of the natural landscape stands a memorial plaque. It is a replica of the original plaque that Matthew Flinders himself left on the island in remembrance.

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“Superb Blue Wrens and Thornbills flitted among thickets of coastal tea tree, correas and hopbush… The walk’s end is high rocky bluff of granite domes and tors. This is a fine vantage point for views up and down Thorny Passage… During our scrambling among the rocks a young ‘juvie male’ Sea Lion surfaced open-mouthed just below us – it was hard to say whether he or us on the rocks was more startled to see the other. The first of many meetings with these endearing ‘Aussie Lions’.”

– Guest Lecturers Quentin Chester and Dale Arnott, 14 Feb 2021

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