King George River & King George Falls, The Kimberley

King George Falls, also known as Oomari Falls is Kuwini country and is patrolled by the Balangarra Rangers from Kalamburu. The mouth of the famous King George River eluded detection from early explorers including Baudin, Freycinet and Stokes, the area given its European name as late as 1911 by explorer Charles Conigrave.

Soak in the breathtaking heights of the King George River as you cruise through the 13 kilometres of steep-sided sandstone gorge and arrive at the base of Western Australia’s highest falls. The cliffs rise to an average of 80 meters high and rocks visible just above sea level can take on shades of pink, yellow and even purple. A closer look will reveal honeycomb weathering on the stone – a fascinating product of the sea spray forming salt crystals and breaking off loose pieces of rock, forming countless small hollows resembling honeycomb.

The Kimberley’s raw, rugged beauty is best seen from the deck of a small expedition ship. As the Kimberley Expedition pioneers, we have perfected our itinerary over 26 years. Our expedition staff and crew look forward to welcoming you onboard our iconic Kimberley voyages throughout our highly anticipated 2022 and 2023 seasons.

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“The Explorers took us into the ancient geological world of the Kimberley. As we motored upstream, we learned the basic facts of this hidden river valley… The conditions in the gorge were close to perfect with mirror-like reflections.”

Guest Lecturers Greg Watson and David Keech aboard Coral Adventurer

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