Iron Islands & Nares Point, The Kimberley

For enthusiasts of geology and geography, Iron Islands and Nares Point is a sight of significant interest. Rugged cliffs of deep orange ochre have been forged by powerful tidal flows and tectonic pressure over thousands of years.

The Iron Islands, as the name suggests, are made up of large amounts of very pure iron ore averaging at about 65% Fe. Directly adjacent, Koolan Island is an iron ore mine that has been in operation sporadically under different leaseholders since the 1960s.

Unique native flora and fauna flourish in the wilds of this remote location including sea turtles and nesting sea birds. At Nares Point, visit the Great Bowerbird bower located in the undergrowth at the top of the beach.

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“Geological forces have really gone to town here. Buckles, dips, folds, strikes, synclines and anticlines all seem to contribute to a stratigraphic mish mash of from texture and colour… The explorers cruised leisurely about, taking in the formations and the glassy calm sea conditions.”

Guest Lecturer Greg Watson aboard Coral Adventurer, 23 May 2021

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