Edeline Island, The Kimberley

Edeline Island is where water meets sand, rock and dense green vegetation with nothing but wide oceanic horizon in the distance.

The island is home to the Elgee Siltstone structures that showcase the power of nature through unique patterns carved into the rock face. Study the intricate details carved into the weathered rock formations that tower overhead. An osprey nest has even been sighted atop one of the formations on our previous voyages.

Explore the history of the island and visit graves of pearl divers from a century ago. In pursuit of highly prized pearl shell and the occasional pearl, the names on these historic headstones hint to these divers hailing from places such as Timor, which is located to the north of the Kimberley. Discover this wild and unspoiled destination with guidance and insight into the flora and fauna from our experts.

Learn About Our Voyages Visiting Edeline Island

“[We] headed into the islands, with all kinds of unusual geological features catching the first rays of the sun. We were now on the southern side of the ‘impact zone’ where, back in historic times, the former island of the Kimberley reconnected with mainland Australia… We were also able to experience ‘up close’ the amazing weathered formations in the Elgee Siltstone structures of Edeline Island itself.”

Guest Lecturer Greg Watson aboard Coral Adventurer, 15 May 2021

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