Coral Adventurer Turns One

It’s hard to believe the adventures Coral Adventurer and her crew have experienced in the space of just one year. Just like any proud parents, we would like to share with you memories from the year that’s been.


Her Maiden Voyage – In The Trail Of Tasman

A First For Coral Expeditions

This time last year we were experiencing an adventure of a lifetime with the Maiden Voyage of Coral Adventurer. We cruised from Singapore to Darwin, accompanied by Captain Gary Wilson, who kept us informed on his favourite topic – the VOC and Abel Tasman’s Voyages. Gary’s history lessons were complete with navigation classes teaching eager guests how to use the Mariner’s astrolabes that was given as a commemorative gift.



Wildlife & Warriors

Witnessing West Papua

Those onboard this remarkable voyage will never forget the stories and characters they encountered as we explored Sangliat Dol’s ancient megalithic stone stairs, snorkelled Triton Bay’s emerald waters, and encountered the Asmat warriors of Agats. Wildlife photographer Chris McLennen recorded the voyage with a truly spectacular photo series.



A season in the Kimberley

Her true initiation into the Coral Expeditions Family

When Coral Expeditions I first pioneered expedition cruising in the Kimberley 25 years ago, she set the tone for our iconic definitive voyage along the Kimberley coastline between Darwin and Broome. Coral Adventurer’s Kimberley season was the ultimate test to see if our new ship would truly fit in as part of the family, delivering the same intimate, educational and immersive small ship voyages that our guests have craved and competitors envied for 25 years. Guest reviews affirmed her first Kimberley season was a success!




The Coasts of New Guinea

The Long Way Home

From Darwin, Coral Adventurer’s Customs and Craftsman voyage saw her make her way up to West Papua, taking lucky guests to swim with Whale Sharks at Cenderawasih Bay, explore two mighty rivers of New Guinea, and visit colourful villages back down along the east coast of Papua New Guinea and home to Cairns for the first time!



Spicing Things Up – Spice Islands & Raja Ampat

Christmas with the King  

This voyage from Darwin to Biak was a favourite for many. Coral Adventurer concluded her year by welcoming the King of Saparua and his entourage on board for Christmas brunch.  Laughs were shared as the King swapped his traditional dazzling feather-topped crown for a paper one from a Christmas Cracker!



The East Indies

Back to where it all began

Making her way back to Singapore where it all began, Coral Adventurer explored remote and rarely visited Indonesian islands. Guests saw Komodo Dragons in the wild and passed Krakatoa’s exploded caldera. Coral Adventurer returned back the same way, stopping to visit the orangutans at Tanjung Puting, and Banjamasin on the island of Borneo.



Safe at home in Cairns

A change of plans

Instead of completing our first ever Sulawesi Circumnavigation voyage as planned, Coral Adventurer made her way back to the safety and comfort of Australian waters. On 31st March all our ships were at home together in Cairns for the first time in Coral Expeditions’ history.