Coffin Bay South Australia

Located at the southernmost part of the Eyre Peninsula, the sparkling clear waters at Coffin Bay host spectacular sea life including dolphins, seals and sea lions.

Coffin Bay was named after Resident Naval Commissioner Sir Isaac Coffin by Matthew Flinders in early 1802. The Nauo people occupied the land prior to European settlement in the 1830s.

The region is known for its world class seafood and our guests have the special opportunity to experience to get up close and personal with what this area is famous for – Coffin Bay Oysters.

Experience where nature and food come together in perfect harmony. Oysters straight from the sea – this is truly as fresh as it gets! Paired with a delightful glass of local bubbly, this one of a kind experience is a certified highlight of our South Australian journey.

Oyster farming has hallmarked Coffin Bay since 1840 and oyster tours were introduced by popular demand only a handful of years ago, running since 2016. Famous ever since, the local shellfish are known for high quality texture and flavour.

Later, discover renowned fisherman’s hideout, Seasick Bay. Once a secluded haven for queasy dwellers of the rough seas, now a great spot to relax on the sand and soak in the remote shoreline scenery or swim in the calm, clear water.

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“While Dale took a group to the end of Seasick Bay for a coastal explore – startling a female Sea Lion along the way, the rest of the shore party joined Quentin for a chance to stretch the legs on the coastline around this far-flung tip of Coffin Bay Peninsula.”

– Guest Lecturers Quentin Chester and Dale Arnott, 15 Feb 2021

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