Submitted By: Dawn Rolt

It is so difficult to choose a particular day on the Sepik River cruise. Each day brought new and incredible sights and experiences. I think the best experience was the interaction and excitement we shared with the children at the remote villages on the riverbanks!

Each day was unforgettable as we visited increasingly more remote villages, each one unique with its own colours, costumes and dances.  As I am writing this, I can vividly replay in my mind what it felt like to cruise along the river watching the villages slip by.  As the kids saw us, they would be jumping up and down for joy and waving frantically just to see us go by in our little ship.  Even more excitement was released when it was time to stop at a village. As we approached the landing site on the muddy bank, or walked toward the village, the anticipation of seeing us almost overwhelmed them. Flocking around us, they would take our hands and guiding us through the thatched homes overhung with thick forest or palm trees, their laughter and smiles ever present. The children loved having their photos taken as well, and afterwards they insisted we had to show them the image. Intriguingly, these clever but very isolated families knew about digital technology and that we did not have to wait for any film to be developed.

The experience of meeting families who live in such remote villages will stay with me forever. Their joy and smiles brightened my whole expedition immensely.

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